“SplashBack” Canvas editions now online

Some of the canvas editions of this image are now available online at www.grafter.bigcartel.com

Hand painted on 20 ounce, twice primed, Duck Cotton canvas stretched over solid wood pine stretcher bars. Signed, numbered, and tagged on the reverse, and artists tag painted along side. Size; 32×24 inches and 1.8 inches thick. Editions of 5.

W2 W3 W5 B4 B6 B7 W1

“SplashBack” New Print Available NOW….

The print edition of the new image titled “SplashBack” is now ready and will be available on my website at http://www.grafter.bigcartel.com from midnight tonight GMT.

full set1

The details are:
Blue: 30 @ £120 each
White Edition: 50 @ £100 each
Multi colour; 20 @ £120
Orange: 20 @ £120
Red: 20 @ £120
Shipping is £10 UK, and £20 everywhere else.
There will be 5 canvas pieces of each edition at £500 each + Shipping.

Revisited, Revamped, Rebooted….

It’s been over 5 years since I released “Splash” and, despite being asked almost daily to re-issue more copies, I have constantly resisted. Recently though I found myself looking over past comments on the piece and realised just how loved it was by so many people and the connection they had made with it. So rather than just re-hash the same image I thought it might be nice to revisit the idea and try and come up with something that captured that same sense of uninhibited freedom but could be seen as a stand alone piece, distinctly different from the original.

So, here she is…… a little bit older, a bit more dramatic, but still in love with making a splash…..

Someone asked me recently if I saw this as a follow up to the original. I answered,…” Not so much a follow up. More of an upgrade”.


8 5 6 IMG_5430

“There is a light, and it never goes out”

Hand painted using Montana Gold spray paint, Inks and emulsion paint on Somerset 300gsm textured watercolour paper with 4 deckled edges. Using a mixture of intricate hand cut stencils and freehand painting the texture in this piece is tangible.

There will be a limited edition of 50 paper pieces, sized 30×24 inches priced at £100 plus shipping released through my online shop at http://www.grafter.bigcartel.com today Wed 22nd May, @ 8pm GMT.

There will also be a larger size, 44×30 inches, released in a smaller edition, comprising of 15 white and 15 Olive versions. They will be priced at £140 plus shipping and will be released at the same time.

IMG_5306 IMG_5299 IMG_5302

Work in Progress

IMG_5252 IMG_5253 IMG_5256 IMG_5257

Have been struggling with this monster for a while. Finally getting it close to something that I had in mind when I started, should get a final cut  shortly and it will be ready soon.

Spray paint, inks, and emulsion on heavy Somerset textured watercolour paper with 4 deckled edges. 44×30 inches

New Year…. New Work….

The start of a new year always brings with it an urge to get things done and pursue hastily made resolutions. I’ve used it as a method of inspiration to re-visit and finally finish several projects I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.

The 1st painting I have started work on is an idea I had some time ago which I call “No Grey Area”. Work on this is starting to come together and I should have a final cut shortly. Meanwhile here are a few working shots…….


  cut1 cut3 cut4 test spray